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What We Do

Our clients come to Excel Communicating LLC with a variety of experience and skills, from novice to expert. We help at any stage of a project, including brainstorming ideas for content and visual aids, script development and editing, building delivery skills, managaing speaking anxiety, and making sure you're addressing your audience's interests. We provide clear, supportive feedback and practical techniques to help you become an engaging and memorable speaker. Everyone has their own unique blend of skills, talent, and experience. Our goal is to maximise your potential as a speaker and presenter and help you get the most out of your public speaking opportunities.


Hilary Spreiter's background in public speaking includes working in both academic and business environments. She received her formal training in public speaking at Stanford University's Hume Center for Writing and Speaking. She tutored and coached undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral scholars for all kinds of oral communication projects, from conference speeches, thesis and dissertation defenses, class assignments, job talks, job interviews, and business presentations. She also worked with Stanford's Program in Writing and Rhetoric giving workshops on various aspects of speaking and presenting. Before working and studying at Stanford University, she enjoyed a 15-year career marketing and selling commercial property. Her experience in corporate, professional, and academic environments enables her to help clients develop a broad range of presenting skills and meet her clients' diverse demands. 


Individual Coaching Sessions

In individual sessions, we help you develop your verbal and non-verbal (body language) commuication skills, develop speaking strategies in preparation for presentations, refine and edit scripts and notes, review visual aids for clarity and effect, and enhance your confidence in your delivery. Some of our clients come to us before they have any specific assignment, and others come to work on various stages of a project, from content brainstorming to visual aid designing to practicing for a final performance or presentation. Digital recordings are included as valuable learning aids.

Corporate and Group Workshops

Excel Communicating offers workshops for corporations and groups of four or more people. We assess areas of interest that typically may include:

  • how to build engaging and well-organized content;

  • how to use visual aids that enhance your presentation and don't distract or confuse your audience;

  • how to use your non-verbal communication so that it is congruent with your message;

  • how to manage question and answer sessions so that you remain in control of your    

       audience's attention.  

Our goal is that you learn to present dynamically, in a style that is authentically your own.

Offerings Include
  • Mock Interviews for Jobs and Academic Positions

  • Elevator Pitches

  • Customizing Your Presentations to Target Audience Needs

  • ​Preparation for Business Presentations

  • Managing Speaking Anxiety

  • Polishing Devlivery Skills

  • Storytelling in Business

  • Preparing for University Thesis Colloquiums and Dissertation Defenses

  • Reviewing Scripts

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